What do you need to know about Australia?

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Historical Battle of Independence and the “Rum Hull”

Many know that colonized Australia was at first a punitive territory of England.

Initially, for the settlement of the colony, in 1788 from England sent one fleet with prisoners, soldiers and provisions. A few years later the second fleet was sent there. Under the direction of Arthur Phillipus, the first governor of the newly formed colony of New South Wales, it seemed that things were going well. Then Phillip was dismissed and Francis Gros took his place, after which everything changed for the worse.

When the second ship with the soldiers arrived, it fell completely under the control of an already existing colony, which was called the “Rum Corps”. Living conditions there were not easy. Rum became the main currency and was usually “paid” to prisoners for their hard work. Having started an active trade in rum, they soon began to control part of the land, resources and cheap labor.


Uggs are the shoes that Australian farmers have come up with. They used sheepskin to keep warm and wore them only on the premises, because they considered it ugly and tasteless to put them on somewhere else. How did it happen that uggs became so popular and fashionable all over the world, and in particular in America?

When the ugg boots were brought to America, a company called Decker decided to acquire copyright. After some marketing assault, many supported the new shoes and they came into use. Decker tried to prevent Australian producers from producing uggs further.

For Australian manufacturers, this requirement was simply ridiculous, as they have been producing boots for many years. They declared their rights to the court and explained that the name is slang from the word “ugly” (“ugg” – “ugly”), in connection with which the brand is simply impossible. Fortunately for the Australians, the court was on their side.

Mysterious silhouette in the desert

One of the phenomena of Australia is the so-called Murray Man or Giant Stewart. This is a huge silhouette, stretching in South Australia in the desert 60 km from the village of Murray. The silhouette is 4.2 kilometers in length, and the lines of the figure are 20-30 centimeters deep and up to 35 meters wide. Today, this silhouette remains an unsolved mystery who, when and why created it, and attracts tourists from all over the world. The name of the amazing image was in honor of the Scottish traveler John McDouall Stuart (John McDouall Stuart) in an anonymous press release.

The image is subject to erosion and gradually disappears, however, due to the arid climate this process is long. In connection with the quantitative influx of tourists, many local businessmen are worried that some day their attraction will disappear and they will lose a source of income.