The housing problem, or what houses do the Australians live in?

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Immigration to Australia changes a person: those who have lived here for at least a couple of years, no longer understand the housing problems of the average Russian. Because fed the hungry does not understand. People very quickly forget how they huddled together in the “two-room apartment” and believed that the living room is only in books from noble life. The problems they face are completely different.

Registration? What is it?

Like the Big Brother, Australian authorities do not follow the movement of citizens around the country. If you decide to move from one apartment to another, you do not have to push in lines with a passport in your hands to notify the state.

And they move here often. Take care of the expansion of the living space after the birth of a child – in the order of things. It is also normal to move to live closer to a new job or, for example, to the beach, if you retired.

Unit of measurement of living space

Are you seriously considering how to immigrate to Australia from Russia? Then stop learning to measure housing by the meter. In Russia, the person who bought the apartment is asked: “How many square meters?” In Australia, apartments (and private houses) are measured in bedrooms. The average family here lives in an apartment or a three-bedroom house. At the same time, they also have a living room, a kitchen, one or two toilets, a bathroom, and if we are talking about your house, then there is also a garage.

And for some reason, they are not able to talk about meter footage here. “Have you rented an apartment? How many bedrooms? ”Those who have moved from the countries of the former socialist camp at first are somewhat disorienting.

Apartment or house?

30% of Australians choose apartments. These are mostly young and non-family people who don’t want to spend time taking care of the house and plot, use public transport and do not need a garage. Burdened with family, they often choose life in a private house: a house is more expensive than an apartment, but there is a plot where children can frolic, you can have family picnics in the yard.