How much does it cost to live in Australia?

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How much does the life of the antipode cost? How tight is your wallet to spend in a wonderful country in Australia, say, a year? Regardless of the purpose of your trip – whether you are learning English in Australia, are you planning to get a university degree overseas, or are you dreaming to live here forever, puzzled every day how to leave for Australia for permanent residence from Russia – you should take some time before the trip and strength monetary counts.

An important part of financial training is familiarity with the average cost of living in Australia. Below are some of the standard expenses that are unavoidable during life on this amazing continent. All expenses are in Australian dollars (approximately 0.75 US dollars); the calculation takes into account the consumer price index.

A hostel or guest house is relatively inexpensive: from $ 90 to $ 150 per week. The amenities on the floor, the room is shared with you by the cheerful neighbors – very student-like: cheap and cheerful. However, you should not be afraid of the “corridor system”: cleanliness and order reign in Australian hostels.

Life on campus (that is, in fact, in a student dormitory) is good because you will live very close to the place of study, not far from the library and surrounded by classmates. Typically, Australian universities offer this type of accommodation to students. Depending on the conditions, the price for a place on campus can range from $ 90 to $ 280 per week.

Having settled in the country and starting to earn money, many students prefer to rent an apartment. If you are already 18 years old, you have the right to do so. It’s cheaper to rent a house with a friend: it will take from $ 85 to $ 215 per week. If you want to live alone, you will have to fork out: from $ 165 to $ 440 per week. Of course, the upper limit is not limited here – if you want to rent a house with 2-3 bedrooms in a prestigious area of ​​Auckland alone, prices can be … any.

Homestay is convenient because you will live on everything ready: the range of services includes washing, cleaning, and in most cases food. This option is especially recommended for those who need to tighten up English: for a beginner, there is nothing more useful than simple everyday communication. Of course, the receiving party will have to be considered – to warn if you are going to return late, not to make noisy parties. In general, everything is like under the parent roof. Cost – from $ 235 to $ 325 per week.

If you are going to a language school, then you will most likely be offered to live in a hostel nearby. Cost – from $ 11,000 to $ 22,000 per year.