Australia through the eyes of the deli: what can you eat there?

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What will have to eat, being in a distant unknown country? Can you survive without dumplings and brawn, on one kenguryatin and crocodilia? Do not rest in Australia gastronomic shock? We will please you: Australian cuisine is tasty and diverse. Everyone will find their own dishes here to your liking.

Tradition and Innovation

On the one hand, the local cuisine was shaped under the strong influence of British culture. Well, you know: roast beef, puddings, scrambled eggs with bacon, fish and chips and other very satisfying joys of life.

On the other hand, the climate of Australia is very different from the climate in the “land of fogs and rains”. Living under the local hot sun and eating quite heavy English dishes three times a day is not very good. This could not affect the specifics of Australian cuisine.

On the third hand, there are a lot of immigrants from other countries; Australian immigration is a popular event. And each of the peoples present here brings something new to the modern kitchen of this wonder-continent.

Meat and seafood

Oh, they love meat here. And cook perfectly. Mutton and lamb are very popular here – which is not surprising if we recall the scale with which sheep are raised in Australia. Beef and pork, game dishes are spread. But Australian rabbit meat is rarely eaten, even though there are plenty of rabbits. One of the favorite national entertainments is to cook meat on an open fire; in the parks, on the beaches and in the parking lots, there are barbecues for common use. Dairy products are also very popular here – there are a lot of them and they are tasty. And Australian sheep cheese is just something.

If you are considering tours to Australia, get ready for the fact that in this country, as a tourist, you will be lured by all sorts of exotic meat like kangaroo or crocodile. You can try it once – suddenly like it!

The selection of seafood is huge, and they are sold very fresh. Octopuses, crabs, shrimps, many kinds of fish – all this is plentiful in shops and served in restaurants.

Vegetables and fruits

They are brought here from all over the world. So if you want, for example, cherries that grow reluctantly in Australia, you will most likely buy imported (which will affect the price: the melon will cost less than the example). But the pineapples are local. As well as mangoes, all sorts of citrus fruits, kiwi, bananas, kvandong, cockatoo plums (contains 50 times more vitamin C than orange!) And many other interesting fruits. There is no shortage of vegetables – from cauliflower to Chinese, from corn to artichokes. And all this – the first, that is the only, freshness!

In general, even the fastidious ones will not go hungry in Australia. So come and help yourself to fame. Perhaps, having tasted the dishes of local cuisine, you even decide that emigration to Australia is for you!