Australia in numbers

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To adequately describe this amazing country, no words are enough. Therefore, we decided to resort to using numbers. What can be more accurate and impartial than pure mathematics?

23 million people live on the Green Continent. Not so much for the whole continent, right? And all because people lodge mainly along the coast, closer to the water. In the center of the country – the picturesque desert.

47% of all modern Australians are from among those who “have come in large numbers,” that is, they either were born outside the country or have at least one non-Australian parent. Immigration to Australia is common, here you will not surprise anyone.

260 languages ​​can be heard in this amazing country. No, the most common – of course, English. He’s official. Education in Australia – in English, cashiers and waiters also communicate with customers. But at home, with loved ones and loved ones, it is customary to speak their native language. Most often – in addition to English – here are spoken Italian, Arabic, Greek, Mandarin and Cantonese dialects of Chinese. Russian is also not uncommon here; Those who once thought for the first time how to emigrate to Australia from Russia are now pacing the streets of its cities.

20 years of continuous economic growth behind Australia. While the whole world was writhing in crises, this country flourished. And obviously not going to stop!

120 certified sports organizations exist on the Green Continent. Here they love and respect sport. Some are like amateurs, others become professionals. Australian athletes have achieved considerable success in European football, hockey, cricket, rugby, tennis and many others.

Australia won 29 medals at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro: 8 gold, 11 silver and 10 bronze. This is two times less than at the last home Olympics in Sydney in 2000, but for the 10th place in the overall standings is still enough.

In this vast country – more than 2,700 protected areas, more than 50 national parks. Australians take care of nature; such a nice local chip. Moreover, the nature here is truly unique in its pristine beauty. And this is one of the reasons why rest in Australia is becoming increasingly popular.

19 items in the Australian Union are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is more than in any other country in the world. These include the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park, the rain forests of the east coast of Tasmania, the wet tropics of Queensland and the Sydney Opera House.